Tree-Top Adventure Walk, Climbing Wall & Leap of Faith

BOOK ONLINE – Zipline, Octagon, Tree-Top Walk & Junior Adventure Course will open Saturday & Sunday from 11am-3pm (weather permitting).

(Minimum age is 7 years, 1.2m tall).

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It comprises a series of complicated rope walkways that are as much a mental challenge as a physical one. Safety is paramount, but you can’t help but feel on the edge of terror as you grapple with each new challenge

(Irish Times, August 10, 2013) 

Discover your inner climber by completing the Tree Top Adventure Walk. Launched in Summer 2012 this has proven to be one of our most popular attractions. Walking high above the Sycamore tree tops, 10 metres above the ground, this 140 metre long course gives a birds-eye view of the park to those brave enough to venture up! Perfect for a family adventure, team building, or corporate groups we encourage you to take the path in the sky!

Cost: €12.50 per person. Bundle deals also available in conjunction with Climbing Wall & Leap-of-Faith activities (All 3 = €20 per person discounted bundle deal).
Note: Minimum height and age restrictions apply. Age 7+ (1.2m height). Pre-booking essential.

Please note pre-booking is essential for all Tree Top Adventure Walk activities. Please call +353 (0)56 444 0707 for bookings.

Climbing Wall & Leap of Faith


A staff member went around the course with my daughter, encouraging her to figure out every new step, giving a huge boost to her confidence
(Irish Times, August 10, 2013)

Reach new heights by challenging yourself on our great outdoor climbing wall with several different levels for all to enjoy. Experience our daring ‘Leap of Faith’ – climb the 7 metre pole, balance on the platform and take a ‘leap of faith’ aiming for the target before being assisted back to ground level.

Cost: Climbing Wall & Leap of Faith €10 per person, Tree Top Adventure Walk, Climbing Wall & Leap of Faith Package Bundle Deal €20 per person.

Note: Minimum age, height & weight restrictions apply: MUST be 7+ years, 1.2 metres in height; maximum weight 120kg/19 stone. Pre-booking essential.

Leap of Faith
Tree Top Group
Climbing Wall
Instructor with Sam Matthew
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Smiling family enjoying Tree Top Walk course
Young girl on perched on Leap of Faith
Please note the Tesco Club Vouchers cannot be used against the Tree Top Adventure, Climbing Wall or Leap of Faith activities, they can only be used towards the ‘Footprints in Coal’ exhibition admission fee.