Woodland Maths Trail


We have developed a hands-on, practical Woodland Maths Trail suitable for 2nd level, Junior Cycle students. Informal mathematics education is increasingly recognised as a valuable addition to improving mathematics education in schools (Shoaf et al., 2004). The trail will support new learning approaches being implemented by second level teachers and offers access to the real-life context required for successful Project Maths learning. Teacher involvement is required to maximise students benefit from participating in the trail.maths trail image

Set in the outdoor space of our 80-acre woodland, the aim of the project is to engage, motivate and enhance mathematical thinking and capacities through experiential learning. To ensure the Maths and Numeracy Trail is brought to life for engaged learning, life-size learning aids will be constructed using natural materials where possible to maintain a natural fit with the identity and environment of the park.

The mathematical problems are designed by Senior Maths teachers Carl Lynch (St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny), Paul Behan (Castlecomer Community School) and others.

Curriculum Areas:


  • Mathematics (e.g. Number line, Triangles, the Circle, Area & Perimeter, Volume, Nets, Coordinate Geometry, Probability, Slope, Trigonometry, Distance-Speed-Time)

Skills Used:
Observation, Counting, Estimation, Measuring, Comparing, Recording, Connecting, Problem-solving, Reasoning, Implementing.

Estimated Duration:
90 minutes (to complete a series of challenges). Allow additional time if combining with an activity such as Zipline or Octagon.


  • Woodland Maths Trail alone: €8 per student.
  • Woodland Maths Trail with the Zipline: €18pp
  • Woodland Maths Trail with the Octagon High Ropes Course: €18