Footprints in Coal Interactive Exhibition


Our interactive multimedia exhibition charts the formation of coal through various environmental conditions over 300 million years ago. Students will see the processes that have shaped the Earth through time and discover geology, prehistoric flora and fauna and see amphibian fossils in our fossil room. Students will also hear about the Wandesforde Estate and related historical and industrial heritage. You can even crawl through our mini-mining tunnel to experience the working conditions and methods of a coal miner.

Curriculum Areas:


  • Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (Geography, Science, History)
  • Discover Primary Science and Maths (Living Things, Natural Environments, Energy and Forces)


  • Geography (Patterns and Processes in Physical Environment, Patterns and Processes in Economic Activity, Global Interdependence, Culture and Identity)
  • Biology
  • History

Skills Used:
Observation, Listening, Interpretation, Communication.
Estimated Duration:
60 minutes
Primary €4 pp, Secondary €5 pp.


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