Terms & Conditions

Castlecomer Discovery Park retains the right to make the final decision on suitability, height or fitness for taking part in this activity.

Failure to comply with guidance by instructors may result in expulsion from the course.


  1. I declare that to the best of my knowledge I (or those I am consenting for) do not have any medical condition (including pregnancy) which might increase the chance of injury to myself (themselves) or others, e.g. heart condition, epilepsy, back or neck injuries etc.  I also declare that I (or those I am consenting for) am/are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  2. I understand that the activities consist of substantial and physically testing obstacles. I accept there is a risk of injury when undertaking such activities.
  3. I understand for safety reasons, the maximum weight for an individual on the course is (120kg/19 stone).
  4. I understand for safety reasons, the minimum height for an individual on the course is 1.2 metres and minimum age is 7 years of age.
  5. I understand that tampering with any equipment, failure to follow instructions given by members of staff or ignoring warning signs around the site could result in you (or those you are consenting for) being asked to leave the course immediately.
  6. I understand that criminal damage to the course may lead to prosecution.
  7. I accept that due to the nature and natural element of the course some scratches and abrasions may occur.
  8. I accept that CDP does not give refunds for any refusals once participants have received instructions and personal protection (harness/helmet) has been issued by course instructors.



By signing the Park’s disclaimer you are stating that you acknowledge, understand and will comply with the relevant points outlined above.


Consent for Under 14 YEARS


  1. I declare that I am the parent/guardian, or that I have the authority from the child(ren)’s parent/guardian to consent for those under 14 years.  I understand that points 1 to 8 above relates to all participants and hereby give my consent.