With over 80 acres of woodland and lakeside to explore Castlecomer Discovery Park is the perfect place to experience nature, get fit and enjoy the great outdoors. Why not take a hike? Have a picnic or take a path you never took before? There is something for everyone here! Leisurely walk, orienteering challenge, nature trail and much more!

Younger visitors can have great fun in the charming Timber Tumbles playground which includes a mini zip-wire! Or why not explore the woodand further and visit our magical Woodland Play Area which is home to the Elf & Fairy Village, Bluebell Playhouse and Junior Woodland Adventure Course (Arboretum Loop, Green Trail)!

We’ve put together several trails for you to enjoy, we have a complimentary map detailing all the trails and key attractions (available free at our reception desk).

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Distance & Time: 1.5km, 20min – 30mins
HighPoint & Ascent 130m & 20m
Difficulty Easy
Terrain Forestry tracks and paths (suitable for children’s buggies)
To suit all levels of fitness

Min. Gear: Sturdy footwear, raingear, fluid, mobile phone.


Distance & Time 2km, 30min – 45mins
HighPoint & Ascent 140m & 30m
Difficulty Easy
Terrain Forestry tracks and paths
To suit all levels of fitness
Min. Gear: Sturdy shoes, raingear, fluid, mobile phone.


Distance & Time 2km, 30min – 45mins
HighPoint & Ascent 140m & 30m
Difficulty Easy
Terrain Forestry tracks
To suit all levels of fitness
Min. Gear: Trekking shoes, raingear, fluid, mobile phone.


Distance & Time 5km, 1hr-1hr30mins
HighPoint & Ascent 150m & 40m
Difficulty Easy
Terrain Forestry tracks, paths and woodland trails (may be muddy in wet weather).
To suit all levels of fitness
Min. Gear: Hiking boots, raingear, fluid, mobile phone.

Please note this trail is unsuitable for buggies.

Orienteering Trails

Three permanent orienteering trails are set up in the woodland to complement the range of recreational activities here at the park. These courses vary in distance; 1.6km Short, 2.4 km Medium and 3km Long. Each course has a number of codes secured to wooden posts throughout the 80 acres of woodland.  The orienteering maps were kindly designed and produced by cartographer Pat Healy in association with the Irish Orienteering Association and Coillte.

The trails can be done at ease or for those that want a challenge can be completed by competing for time. This provides the opportunity for participants to return and do a longer and more advanced trail as an individual, in pairs, or as a team.

The laminate maps can be purchased for €5,  which includes a €2 deposit on return of the map;  participants are shown the answer sheets at the reception desk of the visitor centre on return of the maps. This is a self-directed activity, and can be done 7 days per week from 9.30am – 5pm – or until 8pm if you wish to forego deposit and locate all codes so that the answer sheet is unnecessary.

Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear are advised without too much care if they get dirty.

For more information on orienteering see  – it’s a great site with lots of super images and videos bringing orienteering to life for those of us who are novices!


Seasonal Themed Trails

During Easter and Halloween, we create exciting family trails, each with a seasonal theme. Families purchase the trail in the Visitor Centre and set out to follow the trail and collect clues and answers along the way. Upon return to the Visitor Centre, the family will receive a small treat for their efforts!