Coal Mining Museum

Take a tour through Castlecomers Coal Mining Past
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Coal Mining Museum & Exhibition

The Coal Mining Exhibition comprises a 45-minute tour through Castlecomers coal mining past. The exhibition is an interactive multi-media display that takes the visitor on a journey through time.

Starting with the formation of the coal 300 million years ago, it brings the visitor through more than 300 years of coal mining history to the closure of the mines in 1969.

Open daily, last entry 1 hour before Visitor Centre closing time.

FAMILY: 2+2: €15


New “Castlecomer Museum of Mining” App Available to Download – FREE – Please make a donation to support our social enterprise and keep this app available on line.

Preserving our coal-mining heritage has been a key local concern since the mines closed in 1969. In 2007, the coal-mining museum opened in Castlecomer, providing a permanent acknowledgement of the area’s identity & sense of place. This digital project provides an equality of access through modern, accessible digital platform, affirming the importance of Castlecomer and North Kilkenny’s mining heritage by sustaining the museum content into the future. The digital tour experience will reach diverse audiences connecting our coal-mining heritage with audiences & mining communities across Europe & the world.  We are looking forward to the diaspora from Kilkenny accessing this platform. We would ask for a small donation if you can afford it to help us keep this resource on line and to cover the costs of hosting.

We would like to thank the Heritage Council for this support, this project will ensure that the story’s of the miners will be open to a much wider audience.

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