Sports & Youth Groups

Teambuilding activities for schools, sports & youth groups

Sports & Youth Groups

We now offer teambuilding activities for schools, sports and youth groups. Have fun whilst developing communication and leadership skills.
Our dynamic programmes are the perfect way for groups to bond and expand their horizons while also developing the following skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Listening
  • Self-esteem
  • Idea exchange
  • Working with others and different groups
  • Leadership
  • Creative thinking

What is Team Challenge?

This is the perfect way for your group to bond, develop skills and most importantly have lots of fun. Our activity manager has a range of team challenge games that facilitate team building, strengthen cooperation, communication and help develop a positive team dynamic. The duration is one hour and fun is guaranteed.

What is Raft Building?

You are given the raw materials to make a water worthy vessel, can you work as a team to use those materials to stay afloat? Our instructors are on hand to assist, but your goal is to work as a team and harness the groups problem solving abilities. Your team will feel invigorated once your challenge is completed and you set sail!

What is Catapult Building?

You might remember the little version of these you created as a child; our catapults are larger versions worked by a lever and ropes for hurling large stones or other missiles. Once more you are given the basic materials and its your teams combined know how that will get you firing on all cylinders!

Raft Building
Catapult Building