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What’s Happening at Castlecomer Discovery Park

Bees and Flowers – Free Activity Sheets for Kids

May 20th was International “Bee Day”which aims to raise awareness about the importance of bees in our eco systems and for our very survival.  We all have the power to improve the environment around us to support the health of our bee colonies, simple actions in our own garden can really go a long way…

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Mindful Nature Journal – Free Activity Sheets for Kids

These are trying times, but incorporating mindful practices into your daily routine can help calm anxiety and build healthy coping skills. It is a beautiful day today to focus on the present using nature as your inspiration. Mindfulness is the regular and repeated act of directing our attention to the present moment. Mostly, our attention…

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Alphabet & Letter Detectives – Free Activity Sheets

Why not try your hand at being an alphabet and letter detective?  We are really missing seeing all of you as we usually do at Easter time, but we have been busy creating some educational and fun activities for you to do at home until we see you again! These sheets have been created by…

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